Facility Maintenance Management System Reviews


NEXGEN Asset Management

5 stars

NEXGEN Asset Management is the best overall computer maintenance management system with extremely user friendly interfaces on both the web based desktop and mobile application and excellent functionalities in the software. NEXGEN AM a fully integrated and all inclusive solution which means that one price gets all the modules on the desktop and mobile application. [...]


4 stars

Archibus is a solution for real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management software. A wide range of solutions to support overall facility management for different industries. Its wide array of solutions provide a comprehensive solution for all aspects of real estate or property management. +: Leading real estate management software with many solutions including space planning, [...]


3_5 stars

IBM is the parent company of this leading facility computer maintenance management system. It is the standard computer maintenance management system in many facilities. Maximo is an excellent enterprise solution. +: Proven facility CMMS that is backed by an army of qualified IBM consultants. Only implemented by qualified IBM consultants so you can be ensured [...]


2_5 stars

Maintenance and facility management software on property management and healthcare. Have the flexibility of both locally hosted or software as a service hosted option. +: A basic and simple CMMS for Facility Management. It Computer Aided Facility Management tool allows users to visually see floor plans and manage space effectively. -: Not web based which [...]

Manager Plus

2 stars

Manager Plus is a rudimentary entry level maintenance management software for facility management. Users can choose “add on” modules for additional features. Offer both locally hosted and hosted solution. Primary services the facility and manufacturing industries. +: Cost is the primary benefit of this software. With mostly “add on” modules, users can purchase only what [...]

Net Facilities

2 stars

Net Facilities is a Web Based computer maintenance management system focused on facilities. +: Web Based, easy to set up. -: No locally hosted or mobile options.